Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fall 2011: Union Station, Kansas City

In December, the class pitched to Union Station ideas for increasing and retaining members. Union Station executives and board members were impressed with several ideas, and we hope to see some of them realized.

See the ideas outlined in both a plansbook and pitch PowerPoint below.

Final Plans Book

The pitch...
Union Station Client Pitch

The photo story...

Union Station Pitch Fall 2011 from emily krickle on Vimeo.


kkfatlake said...

As a grandmother of Stephie I am anxiously waiting to see with what ideas these students produced for Union Station. She has been so excited about it all! Sounds like you are a great professor!

J. Lamer said...

Hello kkfatlake -- it's nice to see your interest in Steph's classes! The final work has just been posted, so you can see for yourself what a nice job the class did!